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Short Arrangements

8TRX Album Cover Boston A Cappella The Eight Tracks

Engineering Credits:

Tracking by Rusty Epstein (RustyCappella)
Except Tracks 3 & 8 by James Cannon (Bay State Sound)

Mixing by James Cannon (Bay State Sound) (Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 8)
Mixing by Tim Bongiovanni (Northgate Productions) (Tracks 1, 4, 5, 9)

Mastering by Dave Sperandio (Vocal Mastering)

And a special thanks to our Supporting Producers:
Gary Borress
David Nickerson
David and Dott Dulick
Paul Sutherland
Dennis Wong
Erik Dulick
Hirsh and Tracie Gardner
Michela Gardner
Pete Kardasis
Lesley Levine and Ed Weinberg
Samantha Rothaus
Lori and Scott Wennstedt

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Track List
opb Nick Jonas / Taylor Swift
Solo: Dennis Wong
Arrangement: Jonathan J. Carpenter

Something in the Way You Move
opb Ellie Goulding
Solo: Mark Levine-Weinberg
Arrangement: Jonathan J. Carpenter

What You Don't Do
opb Lianne La Havas
Solo: Sophia Wennstedt
Arrangement: Sophia Wennstedt

Hungry Like the Wolf
opb Duran Duran
Solo: Stephen Dusel
Arrangement: Jonathan J. Carpenter

We All Need Saving
opb Jon McLaughlin
Solo: Erik Dulick
Arrangement: Erik Dulick

Electric Feel
opb MGMT
Solo: Rebecca Corliss
Arrangement: Jonathan J. Carpenter

opb Sara Bareilles
Solo: Michela Gardner
Arrangement: Michela Gardner

Walking on Broken Glass
opb Annie Lennox
Solo: Jonathan J. Carpenter
Arrangement: Jonathan J. Carpenter

Give Me Love
opb Ed Sheeran
Arrangement: Michela Gardner

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