The Eight Tracks Singers

Rebecca Corliss


Rebecca, or Becka for short, proudly started the Eight Tracks with high school best friend, Michela. She has eight years of a cappella experience after founding Boston’s semi-pro group Common Sound in 2008 and singing with Boston University’s all-female group Chordially Yours in college. Due to three years of singing exclusively with women, Becka prides herself for her low notes and beat boxing abilities. By day, Becka is a marketing manager at HubSpot. Follow her on Twitter as @repcor.

Michela Gardner


Michela has a life goal of collecting music degrees and cheap, vintage keyboards. She attended Berklee College of Music and is now a middle school music teacher, choral director, and private voice and piano instructor.  A co-founder of the Providence, RI based group Songs for the Rhode, Michela is thrilled to be starting a new a cappella group in her beloved Boston with her BFF/musical soulmate since high school, Becka. You can also catch Michela singing everything from Def Leppard to Bruno Mars in her all-female cover band. Nearly every moment of Michela’s days are filled with music, and that’s how she likes it.

Sophia Wennstedt

Sophiaheadshot.jpgSophia discovered a capella back in 2009 with a 12 member jazz group, and continued her love of a cappella in college where she sang with the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones for four years. After a brief post-graduation hiatus from aca-people, she is ecstatic to be the newest member of the 8TRX. By day she works as a mechanical engineer at iRobot, making the world a better place one DJ Roomba at a time. 

Mark Levine-Weinberg

marks_bio_pic-092745-editedMark is ecstatic to reenter the a cappella scene after a brief hiatus. Most recently, he was a member of Swarthmore College Mixed Company, where his proudest achievement was choreographing a running/jump high-five in the group’s performance of “Closing Time”. Outside of that, he dabbled in the studies of Biology and Theater. His thesis in acting was a collaboration on a devised adaptation of The Three Musketeers, and his thesis in Biology was on the swashbuckling behavior of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima. That seems to have worked out nicely. Mark is currently employed as a clinical research coordinator in neurology.

Jonathan Carpenter

Jonathan CarpenterJonathan, better known as JC, traces his a cappella obsession back to the spring of 2003. He first heard the harmonious doo's and bah's of collegiate groups while making campus visits. He quickly forswore all other forms of singing and devoted himself to a lifetime of pop tunes performed using only the human voice. JC graduated from Harvard College, where he studied organismic & evolutionary biology and sang with the Harvard Din & Tonics and the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones. With the Din & Tonics, he was lucky enough to sing all over the globe, from Oslo to Fiji. When he's not singing baritone with the Eight Tracks, JC is a theater director & producer, specializing in new plays and musicals, and the technology operations manager for the Celebrity Series of Boston.

Stephen Dusel


Stephen, a Massachusetts native, learned to sing through Disney movies and TV themes.  His first foray beyond shower singing came when he joined the Union College Dutch Pipers.  He was hooked, and now sates his appetite for singing with Boston’s own Eight Tracks.  However, some say that you can still hear him singing in the shower while frustrated people are trying to watch their shows.

Erik Dulick

Eriks_Bio_Pic-903499-editedErik entered into the a cappella world back in 2011 when he joined two of Berklee College of Music’s all male a cappella groups, most notably The CharlieChords. However, music has always been a huge part of Erik’s life. From composing solo piano pieces to performing in musicals, Erik is almost always singing: just ask his roommates. You can even find a picture of him trying to play the piano at one year old in his baby album.  Originally from Hershey, PA, Erik moved to Boston four years ago to attend Berklee College of Music after earning a BS in Management and Communication at Juniata College.  Erik is thrilled to be a member of the Eight Tracks and sing those sweet tenor lines

Dennis Wong

dennis_bio_pic-327056-editedDennis hails from Newton, Massachusetts where he gained his introduction to singing through choral groups, gospel choirs, and was a founding member of his high school a cappella group.  In college, he was Leader with the Colgate Thirteen where he travelled across the country singing and learning about the love/hate relationship of road trips.  After college, he messed around with a few bands as their very amateur drummer before returning to his roots of a cappella with TSG in New York.  When he is not singing, he enjoys the gym (sorta), watching Boston sports teams, and geeking out over the latest technology crazes.  On a daily basis he works at Trader Joe's and love trying all the wine in the place!



8TRX Alumni

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